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Welcome to DCS STEM!

"Q" -- our STEM class mascot Welcome to the DCS STEM homepage. On this page, you can learn about STEM class, see student projects, and discover what students in different sections of class are exploring. Take a look at our class principles below -- these ideas guide our work in all of our STEM activities.
Recent posts

5th & 6th Graders Invent Baby Products!

 During their fall STEM classes, 5th and 6th graders acted as inventors and entrepreneurs as they devised and created prototypes of innovative baby and toddler products. Students began their work by developing a list of potential challenges or problems facing babies and new parents and then selected a problem to try to remedy with a new invention. After developing their concept and thinking about the features of their products, students then built prototypes and created advertisements for their inventions. Finally, students presented their work to their classmates and tried to convince Ms. Hewes that their items would help make her life as a new parent easier.  With thoughtful and creative ideas ranging from RFID-enabled baby gates, diaper-changing robots, self-walking strollers, and a wide variety of educational games and toys, it wouldn't be surprising to see some of these products on store shelves someday!  

Building for a Thanksgiving Feast!

During their November STEM classes, kindergarten students completed the Dinner Table Challenge. Given a set of dishes, students used a limited set of materials to create a table that could hold all of the food items on a flat surface. Tables also needed to include legs to elevate the food items off of the ground. In addition to designing their tables, students also envisioned and built seating for all of the guests who would be enjoying the meal.  Take a look at some of their table creations below!  

1st & 2nd Graders Build Gourd Gatherers!

During the fall harvest season, our 1st and 2nd graders worked on creating baskets that could be used to transport gourds from one point to another. Given a kit of materials, students brainstormed possible ways to use the items to build a basket that included both a space where the gourds could be inserted and held in place and a sturdy handle that would allow the user to carry the gourds.  As you'll see in the photos below, students created a wide variety of successful basket designs!  

1st Graders Design Ballot Boxes!

During their STEM class on Monday, first grade students learned a bit about the voting process and the containers that are used to hold votes after people complete their ballots. Following this learning, students worked as designers to work to create their own ballot boxes. Boxes could take any shape or form, but needed to have a slot able to accommodate an index card-sized ballot. Take a look at some of their creations below!

Mini "Pumpkin" Catapult Games!

Our 3rd and 4th graders have spent their October STEM classes exploring catapults! Given a small kit filled with potential building materials, students tinkered and tested multiple designs to try to develop a catapult that could send a Unifix cube "pumpkin" flying as far as possible, while also providing control and accuracy.  During their second STEM class, students put their catapult designs to the test in the Catapult Olympics. The six stations tasked students with a long-distance launch, trying to hit a target, landing their cube in a bucket, sending their pumpkin up and over a stack of boxes, attempting to knock over a stack of cups with their pumpkin, and trying to make their pumpkin fly through a hula hoop. Throughout the Olympics, students kept tinkering with their catapult designs as they continued to seek an optimal design.  Check out some photos of the action below!